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Turn the Chaos into Clarity

Clarity is a dead-simple operating system designed for teams struggling with tempo, missing objectives, and wanting more alignment on what matters most.

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    "I read about - and tried - a few other business operating systems. All were needlessly complicated.

    I built Clarity to give you the best ideas for maximum impact.”

    Todd Emaus

    Serial Founder, Startup Coach

    What you'll Learn:

    First, I'll show you the 3 must-haves that create the foundation for everything you and your team will do.

    Next, I'll show you the select few meetings that you need for maximum effectiveness and impact. For each I'll explain their purpose and exactly how to run this.

    Plus, I've included agendas for each of those meetings to make it simple to get started.

    What to Expect:

    Our goal is to get your entire team 100% clear on what matters most and why.

    And especially you.

    For me, as a founder, there was nothing more challenging than the moments when even I wasn't sure where we were headed nor how we would get there.

    Clarity is what I wished for. A light-weight system that makes everything a bit easier.